Barmouth’s Panorama Walk

Barmouth Panorama Walk

In its Victorian heyday, Barmouth’s Panorama Walk was a must do to the extent that there was a tea room and an admission charge.  Those days are long gone and your average visitor is unlikely to be aware that there is a walk never mind be able to summon up the reserves of energy required to attempt the climb.  However, with the advent of modern technology, i.e. the car, you can whittle the walk down to manageable proportions by cutting out the trudge of the road walk.

Once you have reached the summit you be rewarded with a bench from which to enjoy views of Mawddach estuary, Cadair Idris and Barmouth bridge.

A longer walk is available if you are feeling particularly energetic.

Directions to Barmouth’s Panorama Walk

Postcode: LL42 1DQ

As you approach Barmouth on the A496 from Dollgellau you will spot a row of 4-storey Victorian town houses on Porkington Terrace.  Indicate right and join a narrow road that winds uphill past the Bae Abermaw Hotel.   Follow this road for a about a mile until you reach the SNPA roadside parking on your right.  The gated entrance to the walk will be down the hill 30 metres on your left.  Follow the path until you reach another gate.  Go through this gate and then turn immediately right through another gate.  Again, follow the path, which is stepped in places, aiming for any left forks.  Within a few minutes you will pass a bench on your right which offers views of the Mawddach estuary.  We took advantage of this bench to work our way through one of Tywyn Bakery’s butter buns (on the High Street).  The summit is just a little further up the path.

If you don’t mind a longer walk, but do want to avoid the scrum for parking, don’t forget our tip of parking at Mawddach station and walking across the railway bridge.  The Barmouth-end of the bridge lies on Porkington Terrace and the road to the walk is reached by turning right once you’ve made landside.

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