Aberdovey Bandstand Walk


Aberdovey has a great beach, donkey rides, a fish & chip shop, ice cream shop, and a pier from which you can enjoy a spot of crabbing. That lot should be on anybody’s checklist of essential beach-related facilities and Aberdovey ticks them all off.

Whilst most visitors probably won’t want do anything more energetic than a bit of sunbathing, if you have a curious nature, and wonder what the village, beach, and the Dyfi valley looks like from up on high, then have a go at the bandstand walk.

First you need to find Copperhill street which is off the High Street between Y Bwtri Blasus Deli and the Seaview Gift Shop opposite the Wharf gardens on the seafront. Turn into Copperhill Street and then take the first left into Prospect Place. Follow the path up the steep bank travelling between houses on secluded paths. The gravel and tarmac path will eventually give way to a series of stepping stones as you approach the summit.

The ‘bandstand’ provides fantastic panoramic views of the entire Dyfi estuary. The original shelter was built in 1897 and if you are of the opinion that the site would make a great spot for a castle, then Rhys, the son of Gruffydd, Prince of South Wales, had the same idea and built a wattle and daub structure which was razed by Earl Robert de Clare in 1157.

If you are planning a visit with toddlers, then beware that the path can be quite treacherous when wet and that the summit is flanked by steep drops!

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