The Hidden Faerie Glen


Hidden in the woods of Ynysymaengwyn is a mysterious glen frequented by ….. fairies. On a recent visit to the woods we veered from our usual route and took a look around the secret garden and to our shock we came across this hidden gem. Of course, the faerie glen may only become visible to us mortals at certain times of the day or year and so multiple visits maybe needed before you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this magical place. Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence!

Fairies are known as Tylwyth Teg, in Wales, which means ‘fair folk’, and whilst they tend to have a benevolent nature they can be tricksy if vexed. Some have been known to lead away unguarded children (Dolgoch Falls) and so keep any little ones who accompany you on your visit under a watchful eye.

If you’re not lucky enough to spy an actual faerie on your visit to Ynysymaengwyn, then don’t abandon hope. There are a couple of other places linked with the wee winged folk a short journey from Tywyn. You can try Llyn Barfog (The Bearded Lake) or Dolgoch Falls. Either must surely gift a sighting provided that no advance notice of your visit is leaked to the local inhabitants!

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