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Cymer Abbey

Cymer Abbey

Cymer Abbey is now a ruined Cistercian abbey near the village of Llanelltyd, just north of Dolgellau.  Founded in 1158-9 by Cistercian monks and dedicated to the Virgin Mary under the patronage of Maredudd ap Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd, Lord of Merioneth.

On the monk spectrum the Cistercians were definitely towards the pious end hardly ever eating or sleeping eschewing the material world believing in simplicity in all things.  Their lives revolved around the Liturgy of the Hours with a mass at midnight and then prayers every three hours around the clock.  This did not leave a lot of time for farming, fishing or hard labour – the traditional pastimes of the medieval monk.  To accommodate this schedule they would employ lay people to manage their farm holdings.

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