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Fairbourne’s Blue Lake

The Blue Lake

**** UPDATE  21/05/2019 The entrance to the Blue Lake has been blocked – the dragon’s nostrils.  You can still do the climb but you cannot now swim in the lake. ****

The Blue Lake occupies high ground in the old Goleuwern Slate Quarry above Fairbourne and is one of Snowdonia’s secret gems. Whilst most of our attractions are well sign-posted, the Blue Lake is hidden away without even a sign at the start of the path which leads to the lake.  All you get is a fairly nondescript public right-of-way sign; that’s it.  I know people who have been coming to this part of Wales for 20-years and did not even know it existed.  It’s not surprising that the Blue Lake has found its way on to the BBC’s Secret Britain, especially when the Welsh tourist board merely hint at its existence.  Have a look for yourself at how VisitWales leave you hanging.
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