Giant barrel jellyfish spotted on Tywyn’s sunset beach

Barrel Jellyfish

You never know what you may find if you take a walk along Tywyn’s sunset beach. Back in February the storms that  lashed Wales revealed a 6,000 year old ancient forest. When we took a beach walk last weekend (22nd June) we came  across this monster. Fortunately, as the tide was coming in at the time, I believe it managed to get away as we  did not spot it on our walk back.

The creature was huge, at least 3-feet across, and still very much alive. Considered harmless to humans, I am  still not sure if I would like to come across one whilst swimming, especially as they can weigh-in at 20kg with  their tentacles dangling by as much as 6-feet.

Giant Barrel Jellyfish on Tywyn's beach

Barrel jellyfish tend to occupy deeper waters but the mild winter may have boosted populations of plankton on which  the animals feed and tempted a jellyfish swarm closer to land. The sea foam swept-up on to the beach in February  provides evidence of the fertility of the waters of Cardigan Bay.

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